How sales can thrive in a digital world.

I recently stumbled upon an excellent read on the Harvard Business Review website. This article outlines how sales teams can thrive in a digital world and outlines 3 key takeaways.

  1. Leverage the digital components of your products and services. As more and more products get equipped with sensors and extra digital cloud offering. Salespeople need to show the customers the path to value for these offerings
  2. Embrace Digital Natives as sellers and buyers. Sellers need to adjust to the world of Digital natives as they are getting more important, both as customer and employee. Companies can hire them as sellers to boost digital creativity and companies need to adjust to their way of buying products. Digital natives are digital savvy and do lots of their research using the internet and online peer reviews.
  3. Multichannel customer connections. Companies need a channel mix that fits the situation and uses both online and offline touch points. It is critical to use leverage tools as CRM and AI.

Sales organizations use data and analytics to improve sales strategy and resource deployment, talent management, sales team motivation, and customer engagement.

Having worked for over a decade in the world of enablement of (digital) sellers and technical sellers, i couldn’t agree more that sales teams need to become more data driven, They need to leverage digital tools like data analytics, AI and Linkedin to stay relevant. I would recommend every seller and sales leader to read this article.