The famous Israelian historian and bestseller author Yuval Noah Harari mentions in his book 21 lessons for the 21st century that you have to keep developing yourself as a human. You need to keep investing in updating your knowledge and skills to adapt yourself to this rapidly changing world. The world of data and AI is changing very quickly and organizations are transforming themselves to become more data driven. The implication of this however, is that organizations and humans need to keep investing in knowledge and skills in order to stay agile.

“Technology is moving so quickly that if you’re not continually training your people, you’re going to get out of date.”

Dan Jeavons, General Manager of Data Science Shell – Source: WSJ

Studio Pulpit has an excellent track record in delivering courses and education. Jack Esselink has delivered many training sessions in the area of data and AI and adjacent ‘soft skills’ like presenting and selling, in both the Netherlands and abroad. Jack is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who is really able to connect theory to your daily work practice and will help you to debunk marketing myths. The skills and knowledge that you have obtained can directly be applied the next day you return to work and make you better prepared for the future. Jack has delivered training sessions on all continents around the globe, speaks English fluently and has lots of experience in delivering training sessions in English to delegates coming from all different cultural backgrounds.

Jack delivering a training session

Jack is collaborating with business partners like Passionned and Business Club Noord Veluwe in delivering training courses. You can find an overview of training courses Jack has been delivering or can deliver on this page. It’s possible, of course, to customize the training towards the specific needs of your organization. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to Studio Pulpit using the Contact page on this website.