2022, a new year full of AI and ethics

As many of you know, I finished my master’s in Theology at the end of 2021. I have written my master thesis about #deepfakes and #ethics in the context of extreme beliefs. For those who are interested, the thesis is available in open access on the Extreme Beliefs research program website. 2022 is going to be a year for me that I will dedicate on helping organizations with AI and ethics and in this short blog I will unfold my plans for the coming year.


In 2022 I will continue helping organizations and professionals on their road to become more data driven. Since data and AI are becoming more and more important for organizations it is important that their employees are becoming more data literate and know how to leverage data and new technology like e.g., machine learning to do their work more effectively. By delivering keynote speeches, training courses (like e.g., Passionned’s Master of Data Science course in which I teach the AI components) or workshops I will help organizations take the next step to work with data.


Data and AI become more and more powerful and as Spiderman already alluded to “with great power comes great responsibility” thus ethics is becoming more prevalent. As a data ethicist I would like to help organizations in dealing with ethical questions and dilemmas that are induced by smart technology. This can be done in many ways from conducting an ethical awareness workshop to developing a data ethics strategy or to do an ethical consultation for a data project.


A specific plan for 2022 is this I am planning to write two articles that are a follow-up on my master thesis. The first article will be an academic article and the second will be a general article. The goal is to publish and summarize a few key themes around ethics and deepfakes that are covered in-depth in my master thesis, so it becomes available to a broad audience.


One of the reasons why I have pursued a MA in Theology is that I would like to help Christian and not-for-profit organizations, like churches, schools, and charities, to navigate and inform about the impact of how our society is being transformed by technology. This can be done through workshops, guest lectures, sermons in churches etc. My intention is to allocate 20% of my week to do this at cost.


2022 is going to be a year full of AI and ethics for me. If you are interested in discussing how I could help your organization, church, or charity with this, don’t hesitate to contact me.