This page contains an overview of the training courses Studio Pulpit can deliver.

“Education has become an essental ingredient to prepare yourself for the challenges and chances analytics and AI offer the coming decade”

Jack Esselink, Data & AI Evangelist

Master of Data Science

The Master of Data Science course is a 10 day course offered by Passionned in which Jack is the instructor for the data science and AI part of the course (day 6 – 9). This course is especially geared towards people who already work in the area of data and analytics and want to learn how to leverage data science and AI in their organization

Machine Learning in Python for business analysts

Machine Learning (ML) is the art of letting machines learn based on data rather than programming. ML is not only the exclusive domain for data scientists and machine learning engineers but is becoming pervasively available to other job roles. Especially business analysts can benefit from using ML in their daily work to get better analyses and drive better outcomes. This 3 day ML course in Python, the most popular ML language, is especially geared towards business analysts. You’ll learn the basics of ML in the context of the daily life of a business analyst. This hands on course is offered by Passionned in which Jack is the instructor.

Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics course is a 3 day course offered by Passionned in which Jack is the instructor. This course unveils what the world of big data analytics entails. Delegates will have a good handle on what big data analytics and adjacent areas like AI, machine learning and data science beholds and what benefits and challenges it offers. You learn hands on skills to develop a big data strategy and architecture which can be directly applied in your organization.

How to become a better salesperson

Selling is a soft skill which becomes more and more important. Everyone is selling every day wether you are selling something on Marktplaats or Ebay or whether you are negotiating with your children. Jack has been delivering sales training for over a decade and is convinced that everyone can become a better seller. In this course we’ll take you through all the steps in the sales process. This course is offered in collaboration with the Business Club NV Academy. You can learn more about it on this page (Dutch only)