10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2020

Every year many pundits shed their lights in the new developments in the coming year. There is much clickbait and nonsense among these articles but there are a few which I think are trustworthy. One of them is the recent 10 Breakthrough Technologies article from MIT Technology Review magazine. This is a must read page for anyone interested and involved in technologie. The 10 technologies are not focussed on AI per se, but it is going to be a critical component underpinning many of these trends. The 10 technologies are:

  1. Unhackable internet. How quantum physics is used to create an unhackable internet with a special mention of Dutch researchers from the technical universities in Delft and Eindhoven working on this.
  2. Hyper-personalized medicine. Specific medicine for each specific patient. Why this matters? Genetic medicine tailored to a single patient means hope for people whose ailments were previously uncurable.
  3. Digital money. Organizations and banks are looking for a good and safe alternative for cash money. I personally think cash should never disappear from a society it is good to have a safe digital alternative in which privacy is guaranteed.
  4. Anti-aging drugs. Drugs that try to treat ailments by targeting a natural aging process in the body have shown promise.
  5. AI-discovered molecules. Scientists have used AI to discover promising drug-like compounds.
  6. Satellite mega-constellations. This could be a solution to provide the world with high speed internet
  7. Quantum supremacy. Quantum computing is getting more and more important as it can help solve problems classical computers can’t solve. To learn more about this topic check out my recent blog post on Quantum Computing and AI
  8. Tiny AI. AI is moving to the edge of our infrastructure. We’ll see more and more AI powered apps become available on our phones and other edge devices.
  9. Differential privacy. Privacy is getting more and more important in AI. Differential privacy is a technique to measure the privacy of a crucial data set and can help build and sustain trust in data.
  10. Climate change attribution. Researchers can now spot climate change’s role in extreme weather.

I would encourage you to read the complete article and let it sink in as these are important topics for every organization. Please reach out if you need help to build an AI-ready strategy for your organization.